Unlike the typical desktop, a server has many concurrent users. To meet the needs of these extra users, multiple processors and lots of RAM is added to the server. These extra components come at the cost of producing more heat. This heat has to be moved or the server’s components will fail. To move this heat, high RPM fans are added to the system. These fans produce around 50 dBs of noise with a select few servers producing over 70 dBs . That’s the same decibels as conversational speech.

What if we could find a material that could hold 1000 times more heat than air? What if we could close the system off so noise and heat would not be a variable in our working environments? Welcome to immersion cooling. Immersion cooling uses an electrical insulator liquid that will not short out your devices. It is a system that is closed from dust that can short electrical components . As a closed system, a temperature that is much more economical can be used to keep your servers running.